Why YOU should take a wilderness medicine course!

First off, I think everyone should take one. Everyone that is, who enjoys or works in outdoors or travels in rural or remote places. Do you hike?  Take a first aid class.  Do you mountain bike?  Take a first aid class.  Do you backpack, climb, backcountry ski, trail run, canoe, slackline, or have a passion for extreme unicycling? Maybe you’re just prone to accidents, bumps and bruises, or maybe you have kids who are the ones getting bumps and bruises (I have a three-year old, I can relate). The list goes on. If you spend time in nature, in my opinion you should have some first aid skills.

I lean hard toward a tendency to be prepared, it’s a holdover from my instructor years with Outward Bound. But if I’m really honest, it’s just part of who I am – those who know me will understand my challenges with packing…even for a short weekend trip. Your skills might help a stranger someday, but more likely they will come in handy for yourself or a friend or family member, after all, that’s probably who you are spending time with.  Now I’m partial to NOLS Wilderness Medicine,  they trained me years ago, and I now work for them (full disclosure) but check out what Outside Online has to say about it.

Check out our Course Schedule to find a course that fits your needs.  The courses fill fast, so enroll online today!