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Pasadena Outdoor Education began as a tiny seed in my brain many years ago, when I first moved to Pasadena. Having spent the previous seven years doing field work in places like southeast Alaska, Minnesota, New Mexico, the Northeast, and Colorado, there seemed to be a distinct lack of Outdoor Programs, and therefore employment options in the area. Over the last decade, as I put down roots and started a family in Pasadena and joined the faculty of NOLS Wilderness Medicine, all the pieces of the puzzle started to come together, and finally, this year, Pasadena Outdoor Education was created.

In partnership with NOLS Wilderness Medicine, we have a couple courses scheduled for October at a beautiful facility in Altadena, and hopefully we’ll have more options in the spring and summer of 2018. In addition, we offer consulting to schools, organizations and clubs to assist with outdoor education curriculum development, risk management, program evaluation and incident analysis.

Please help spread the word, we love to make new friends!

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